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What do osteopaths treat?

Under the tab Osteopathic treatment when you have pain, you will find an overview of common pains and disorders that can be treated by osteopaths. Living with pain and discomfort is a major concern in itself. It is time consuming and creates unneccessary wasted energy.

Some common problems include back- and neckpain, sport injuries, stress related injuries, sciatica, migraine, muscle pain, joint pain, premenstrual disorders etc.

How much does an osteopathic treatment cost?

A treatment cost 800 SEK (including VAT). Price is the same regardless if it is your first visit or re-visit. Payment methods are creditcard, Swish or invoice (to companies).

Osteopatspecialisten wants to avoid managing cash-payment. Contracted time which is not re-booked or canceled 24 hours in advance will be fully charged.

How long is a treatment?

A first-visit treatment may take up to 60 minutes. Treatment at a re-visit may take shorter time, up to 45 minutes depending on treatment needed.

Is osteopathic treatment a taxfree benefit?

Yes, osteopathic treatment is on Skatteverkets list of activities that may be tax-free exercise and health benefits.

Consult what is applicable at your employer.

Can my health insurance help me?

Yes, in some cases. As an example, Swedish Osteopathy Association has a collaboration with the insurance company EuroAccident.

For patients with PRIVATEACCESS SILVER or GOLD in EuroAccident have osteopathic treatment as an option if needed.

Contact EuroAccident for more information.

Can children be treated with osteopathy?

Yes, osteopathic treatment is allowed for children from 8 years old.

Is an osteopathic treatment painful?

Osteopathy is a soft manual treatment (with hands as tools). The majority of patients experience the treatment to be comfortable.

However, it may be parts during an treatment that can be experienced unpleasant, painful and/or inconvenient. It depends on what kind of treatment is made and if the patient has higher score of pain-sensitivity.

After one or several days after a treatment, patients body can react. Stiffness and tenderness is common to feel which is a completely normal and a healthy treatment reaction.

Important to point out that a treatment is always individual and in consultation with the patient.

How many treatments is needed?

Each individual is unique and all experienced pains and discomfort are individual. The problems may be acute or chronic so the number of treatments are estimated based on the patients needs.

Is osteopathy evidence based?

Yes, infact osteopathy has a evidence based ground. There is strong evidence regarding manual osteopathic treatment, lumbar pain, neck pain and headache.

Under tab Osteopathy and Clinical Evidence you find more information how to find current research about osteopathy.


What is the difference between osteopathy, chiropractic and naprapathy?

All mentioned professions works and use manual treatment, have the same goals: a pain-free and healthy patient.

There are more similarities than differences, but osteopaths usually work more with a softer manual technique.

To read more and learn more about the different methods, we refer to each federation and their website.

What will happen when visiting clinic?

First of all the history is collected where the patient explain about the inconvenience and/or pain patient needs help for. A full summary is documented with information about general health, past injuries and diseases, ongoing medication and relevant information about sleep, diet and physical activity.

Then a posture- and motion analysis will be made. Neurological tests of reflexes, sensations and motor tests may be performed. Blood pressure measurement, pulse measurement and orthopedic tests may also occur.

All above to get the best picture as possible of the inconvenience, pain and/or discomfort patient is suffering from. All this together lead to a working diagnosis and a treatment plan. The treatment is always individual and in consultation with the patient. Referral to doctor may be present for further investigations/treatment if needed.

The goal of our meeting with the patient is to find and treat the underlying causes of perceived pain and/or discomfort.

How do I book my treatment?

The easiest way to book a treatment is through the website.

To book acute treatments the same day or if you need consultant before a treatment SMS, phone or e-mail is the easiest way to communicate. Osteopatspecialisten will always try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Where is the clinic located?

The clinic is located on Enhagsslingan 4C in Täby Stockholm, at Balance 4 You.


072 – 25 125 30

Contact info is also available here.

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